The Mayflower - ALTER Short Horror Film


The Mayflower - ALTER Short Horror Film

A young engineer wakes up from cryo-sleep during a routine deep space flight on the star freighter 'Mayflower'. The ship's computer informs him that he was awoken due to a false alarm. But all is not as it seems...

'The Mayflower' is a mind-bending Sci-Fi Horror film produced in collaboration with The National Film and Television School and Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio.  Directed by Chris Goodman from an original idea by acclaimed Make-Up FX artist Neill Gorton, 'The Mayflower' is a self-aware throwback to the glory, gory days of 1980s low budget horror Science Fiction.  Featuring a power-house performance by Jason Ryall, 'The Mayflower' will put you off your lunch for a week!

"The Mayflower'  will be available to view on ALTER from August 3rd 2020 after a lengthy festival run including screenings at Transilvania International Film Festival and London FrightFest.

Directed by

Christopher Goodman

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Benjamin Farry


Benjamin FarryBenjamin Farry...Magus
Jason RyallJason Ryall...Preston

Produced by

Nikolay Savov...producer

Music by

Thibault Chavanis

Cinematography by

Jon Muschamp

Film Editing by

Mdhamiri Á Nkemi

Production Design by

David Tinto